Tuesday’s Top 10 List – Best-Looking New Shows for the 2014-2015 TV Season

Every Tuesday I plan on issuing a top 10 list of something tv-related and this week I’d like to give you a list of the 10 shows I most like the look of for next season. The American network upfronts just occurred and most of these shows have trailers floating around the internet. Some are difficult for Canadians to access because they are geoblocked (unable to be downloaded by internet users outside of the U.S.). As Canadian upfronts aren’t until June, we still do not know on which network each of these shows will air but I will post the results of the auction (it is pretty much an auction) when the results come in. So without further adieu, I bid you the list for best-looking new shows for next TV season, based on my humble opinion:

#1 Secrets & Lies (ABC)

While it’s not completely clear what this show will become, it had the trailer which most excites me. With an awesome cast consisting of Ryan Phillippe, Juliette Lewis and KaDee Strickland, this drama is based on the Australian series of the same name but apparently the writers have gone in a slightly different direction with this version. While the show will get its start as a murder mystery thriller, I’ve heard that its been envisioned as a more action-packed soap, with plenty of more characters coming out of the woodwork as the show progresses. Sadly, we will have to wait until February or March of 2015 for the debut of this series, which will consist of 10 episodes in its first and hopefully not final season.  THIS SHOW IS FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE:  Revenge, Homeland, Life

#2 Constantine (NBC)

When I first read the premise for this DC-comicbook-based drama, I wasn’t interested. However, after seeing the very good trailer, I quickly put this show on my must-see list. Matt Ryan plays the title character with a gusto that is instantly likable and believable and the plotlines involved appear both interesting and exciting to watch.THIS SHOW IS FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE:  Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

#3 American Crime (ABC)

At first glance, this show appears to be another tedious murder mystery, but its not. Its actually a layered chilling look at the world of American crime, from the perspectives of both the victims and criminals. Its a serialized drama with a talented and diverse cast and promises suspense and emotional resonance. This show looks like it should be on cable instead of network tv so we shall see if it succeeds to pull in enough viewers for network standards. THIS SHOW IS FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE:  The Americans, Southland, Breaking Bad

#4 State of Affairs (NBC)

Katherine Heigl reminds us in the trailer just why we liked Isabelle Stevens, her character on Grey’s Anatomy, so much. She shines as the lead in this spy conspiracy thriller. THIS SHOW IS FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE:  Homeland, Alias, The Blacklist

#5 Allegiance (NBC)

Though the trailer for this show still hasn’t been shown, the premise sounds promising. Its a serialized spy thriller and it sounds a lot like The Americans. For people who’ve already seen that series, it might be too similar, but I, as a Bell satellite subscriber, have not gotten the chance to see that series so I won’t have that problem.  THIS SHOW IS FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE:  Homeland, Scandal, The Blacklist

#6 Gracepoint (FOX)

This is an American remake of the British drama, Broadchurch, starring the same main actor except with an American accent. I haven’t seen Broadchurch yet, so to me the trailer for this show came off very well. THIS SHOW IS FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE:  Revenge, Murdoch Mysteries, True Detective

#7 Gotham (FOX)

This is an origins story of the various Batman villains and heroes. While I wondered if a show like this could work, the trailer came off well. I’m not much of a Batman fan but even I’m interested in watching this. THIS SHOW IS FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE:  Batman, Arrow, Heroes

#8 Whispers (ABC)

This show definitely looks creepy and it has the potential to be very good. It’s an alien thriller that’ll probably keep me wanting to sleep with the lights on. THIS SHOW IS FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE: V, American Horror Story, Penny Dreadful

#9 Jane the Virgin (CW)

The title isn’t the best and the online chatter about this show isn’t great, but there’s something about it that really interests me. I have a soft spot for romantic comedies and this show fits that bill splendidly. The pilot episode apparently turned out very well. FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE:  Hart of Dixie, Ugly Betty, Mindy Project

#10 Emerald City (NBC)

This drama got a series order very quickly and rumour has it the scripts were very good. It is supposedly a much darker, adult version of the Wizard of Oz series, based on the original novels before they were Disneyfied. Set in the world of Oz, the possibilities for characters and plots are endless and intriguing. No trailer is available yet for this but expectations for this show are high. THIS SHOW IS FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE: Game of Thrones, Atlantis, Once upon a Time

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Battle Creek (CBS), Red Band Society (FOX), Empire (FOX), The Odyssey (NBC), Wayward Pines (FOX), The Messengers (CW), A to Z (NBC), Hieroglyph (FOX), Astronaut’s Wives Club (ABC), Agent Carter (ABC)



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I live in Saskatchewan, the best place on earth and am the mother of three beautiful little girls. I have always loved to write. TV is a hobby of mine, and its not just the watching part that is a hobby; it's also the processes involved in the television industry, particularly both the Canadian and American television industries. I hold a degree in Canadian Studies, with a focus on Rural Canada and geography, with a few classes here and there in creative writing and theatre studies. If I didn't hate city-living so much (I tried my hand at living in Winnipeg for a few years) I would have tried to go to Vancouver or Toronto to try to become a television writer but just the idea of living in an apartment building (again) makes me shudder. I prefer my wide open spaces in the country.
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