Tuesday’s Top 10 List – Worst-Looking New Shows for the 2014-2015 TV Season

Last week I shared my list of the top 10 best-looking new shows of the 2014-2015 tv season, and this week I will share my list of the worst-looking shows. So without further delay, here they are:

#1 Mulaney (FOX)

This show just reminds me too much of Seinfeld. And that’s not a good thing. I hated Seinfeld and it was one of those shows my parents, grandparents and all my friends’ parents and grandparents watched. It featured annoying over-the-top characters with corny humour and nonsensical plotlines. It may have been popular in the 90s but that schtick probably won’t fly in this day and age. I hope.

#2 NCIS New Orleans (CBS)

How is this show any different than the other NCIS shows? I have never watched an entire NCIS episode from start to finish and I don’t intend to any time soon.

#3 CSI: Cyber (CBS)

Truthfully, I never even watched the spinoff episode and if there is a trailer, I haven’t watched that one either. I just despise CSI so much that this show needs to be put high up on my worst list.

#4 Manhattan Love Story (ABC)

The two leads have chemistry but hearing their thoughts out loud gets annoying FAST. Sadly, this show would have worked well as a normal romantic comedy with regular dialogue.

#5 Bad Judge (NBC)

I like Kate Walsh but this show really looks awful. The character Kate plays doesn’t look like she could graduate high school, much less become a lawyer and then be appointed a judge. Pass.

#6 Hieroglyph (FOX)

I was so disappointed by this show’s trailer. The show description and logline had me intrigued but wow, that trailer was a stinker. 

#7 Mysteries of Laura (NBC)

I get what this show is going for and it may or may not work. Debra Messing deserves better. Revolution was cancelled for this?

#8 Galavant (ABC)

I love musicals but HATED this. None of the leads were charismatic enough to get me interested and I could barely get through the trailer.

#9 The McCarthys (CBS)

Really, CBS? Really? You pick up one new comedy for the fall and this is it? Too many cliches and quirky, annoying characters for my liking.

#10 Utopia (FOX)

This is yet one more unneeded reality show for people to waste their time watching although it is a step up from the likes of Survivor or that Marry Harry show, which is why it wasn’t put higher on this list.


About Ally Oop

I live in Saskatchewan, the best place on earth and am the mother of three beautiful little girls. I have always loved to write. TV is a hobby of mine, and its not just the watching part that is a hobby; it's also the processes involved in the television industry, particularly both the Canadian and American television industries. I hold a degree in Canadian Studies, with a focus on Rural Canada and geography, with a few classes here and there in creative writing and theatre studies. If I didn't hate city-living so much (I tried my hand at living in Winnipeg for a few years) I would have tried to go to Vancouver or Toronto to try to become a television writer but just the idea of living in an apartment building (again) makes me shudder. I prefer my wide open spaces in the country.
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