The Spring Finales Report Card – The Awesome, the Awful and the In-between

Memorial Day in the States is usually the marker which separates the spring and summer seasons and the majority of fall and winter shows have aired their finales. Therefore, its time for me to share my thoughts on the various finales I have had the opportunity to see.

Parenthood Grade A (true to form, this could function as a show finale, loved the Amber reveal)

Nashville Grade A+ (as per usual, there were some great emotional scenes and plenty of excitement)

Sleepy Hollow A (great cliffhanger to cap off a great first season)

Reign Grade B (loved to see history fictionally play out)

The Originals A+ (amazing scenes for both Klaus and Hayley, I can’t wait to see what happens in the new season)

Revolution D- (what a horrible ending to a chronically awesome, chronically awful, series–I HATE HATE HATE the nano storyline and now I’m glad the show is ending as I would hate to see how this particular storyline would play out)

Revenge A (I knew ____ wasn’t dead although I’m not sure I like what direction they will seemingly go in)

Grey’s Anatomy B+ (Interesting ending. Hopefully this new sister of Meredith’s won’t get killed in a plane crash.)

Vampire Diaries C (This show is a shadow of its old self. I’m not sure it can come back to its earlier form when I still liked it. Can’t believe I’m still watching this ____.)

Vikings A (I knew it! What’s-his-face was pretending all along.)

Hart of Dixie B (So are they together? I hope next season they will be cause I would love to see them as a couple for a longer period of time.)

Remedy B+ (Characters ended in a good place. I think this show could get better with time.)

Bitten A- (The show had a slow start and I was on the fence about continuing with it but the finale left me wanting more.)

Teen Wolf A (Aw. Why’d they have to kill her?!)

Arctic Air A (Good show, it really came into its own this season. Wish we could have gotten more.)

The Goldbergs A (Liked it a lot. Best new comedy of the season.)

Heartland C (Tame finale. The various characters don’t show much growth.)

Big Bang Theory B (So-so. The engagement was kind of anticlimactic.)

Republic of Doyle B (Good. I would like to see a season of Jake and Leslie together and married.)

Blackstone B (There are certain storylines I like more than others. I hate the strip joint storylines. Wish the show would stick to the two sisters.)

Saving Hope B (Passable. This show remains a bubble show for me. Neither great nor bad. Just okay.)



About Ally Oop

I live in Saskatchewan, the best place on earth and am the mother of three beautiful little girls. I have always loved to write. TV is a hobby of mine, and its not just the watching part that is a hobby; it's also the processes involved in the television industry, particularly both the Canadian and American television industries. I hold a degree in Canadian Studies, with a focus on Rural Canada and geography, with a few classes here and there in creative writing and theatre studies. If I didn't hate city-living so much (I tried my hand at living in Winnipeg for a few years) I would have tried to go to Vancouver or Toronto to try to become a television writer but just the idea of living in an apartment building (again) makes me shudder. I prefer my wide open spaces in the country.
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