My Top 100 Shows

I have made a list of my favourite 100 shows of the past and present.*  I update this list every so often to include new shows which I think should be added.

  1. McLeod`s Daughters
  2. Dark Angel
  3. Gilmore Girls
  4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  5. Dawson`s Creek
  6. Veronica Mars
  7. Party of Five
  8. Alias
  9. Downton Abbey
  10. Game of Thrones
  11. Jericho
  12. Roswell
  13. Road to Avonlea
  14. Orphan Black
  15. Freaks & Geeks
  16. Call the Midwife
  17. Waterloo Road
  18. My So-Called Life
  19. North of 60
  20. New Amsterdam
  21. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
  22. Parenthood
  23. Poldark
  24. Vikings
  25. ER
  26. Nashville
  27. Pitch
  28. Outlander
  29. Degrassi
  30. Life
  31. The Black Donnellys
  32. The Originals
  33. Grey`s Anatomy
  34. Men In Trees
  35. Peaky Blinders
  36. Lost
  37. The 100
  38. Reign
  39. Hart of Dixie
  40. This is Us
  41. Revolution
  42. Revenge
  43. Underground
  44. Instant Star
  45. Finding Carter
  46. Orange is the New Black
  47. Teen Wolf
  48. Joan of Arcadia
  49. The Mountain
  50. Wynonna Earp
  51. One Tree Hill
  52. Boy Meets World
  53. Friends
  54. Home Improvement
  55. Fresh Prince of Belair
  56. The Golden Girls
  57. Hard Rock Medical
  58. That 70s Show
  59. Blossom
  60. Colony
  61. Chasing Life
  62. Little House on the Prairie
  63. Roseanne
  64. Jozi H
  65. Angel
  66. Star-Crossed
  67. Cane
  68. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  69. Full House
  70. Distant Shores
  71. Life On Mars
  72. Judging Amy
  73. The Odyssey
  74. The Secret World of Alex Mac
  75. Peaky Blinders
  76. Wynonna Earp
  77. Anne of Green Gables (2017 Netflix/CBC series)
  78. Life Unexpected
  79. Everwood
  80. X Company
  81. October Road
  82. MVP
  83. Wind at My Back
  84. The Red Widow
  85. Jessica Jones
  86. Chesapeake Shores
  87. Dallas
  88. Nikita
  89. Saved by the Bell
  90. Queen Sugar
  91. Arctic Air
  92. Strange Empire
  93. Longmire
  94. Mohawk Girls
  95. Jane the Virgin
  96. Made In Canada
  97. Workin’ Moms
  98. Republic of Doyle
  99. Breaker High
  100. Wild Roses


* This list does not include children`s shows, reality shows, sports shows or news shows.

About Ally Oop

I live in Saskatchewan, the best place on earth and am the mother of three beautiful little girls. I have always loved to write. TV is a hobby of mine, and its not just the watching part that is a hobby; it's also the processes involved in the television industry, particularly both the Canadian and American television industries. I hold a degree in Canadian Studies, with a focus on Rural Canada and geography, with a few classes here and there in creative writing and theatre studies. If I didn't hate city-living so much (I tried my hand at living in Winnipeg for a few years) I would have tried to go to Vancouver or Toronto to try to become a television writer but just the idea of living in an apartment building (again) makes me shudder. I prefer my wide open spaces in the country.
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